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My First Guest, My Friend - Sharon Osbourne!

Philip Anthony

Last Sunday, I was excited to have Sharon Osbourne as my first guest on On Your Marc! Did you see the episode? She was working her skills on me and transformed me into a glam rocker, using her favorite tools of the trade. Here's the big announcement!


Get excited all you ladies and gays out there! There's something fabulous that's hitting stores soon and it's way better than sex on a Friday night... or Saturday morning, noon, and night for all you freaky people! From rock n' roll royalty to make-up moguls, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are collaborating with MAC Cosmetics with their own make-up line. Die in Dubai! So fierce!

Sharon Mac.jpg

I'm in front of the camera and guess what my make-up artists use on my face?  MAC, of course! I want to look my best so I only use the best. #MakeItWork

MAC is smart for partnering up with these two women!  Listen up, MAC has worked with Lady Gaga (Love her!), Nicki Minaj (Love her!), and Rihanna (Love her!). Welcome lilac-haired daughter and sassy mother to the mix. I can't handle it! Sharon and Kelly's line is going to sell-out quicker than you could say "I love Marc!" It's limited edition so it's going bye-bye one day.  Get it!


If you love your friends, family, gays, straights, and drag queens... Get them Kelly and Sharon Osbourne's MAC Make-up Collection. Now, if you hate them, buy their make-up at the dollar store and call it a day. If that's the case, Bozo the Clown will have more people join the circus. 

Sharon Osbourne's MAC Collection