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Meet The Team


Marc Anthony Nicolas | Executive Producer & Host

Marc Anthony Nicolas transitions from behind the scenes to the front of the camera. A three-time Emmy nominated producer for “The Talk” on CBS, Marc punctuates the mark of a decade in the industry. From a breakthrough job into the world of entertainment as a production assistant on reality series “Starting Over,” to the casting seat at MTV, and three years on “The Tyra Banks Show,” Marc landed the coveted role of Producer for “The Talk,” becoming one of the youngest producers to dominate the talk show industry. His expertise as one of Hollywood’s most coveted producers coupled with his curiosity and deep engagement with people make for a winning formula that shines through in his own show "On Your Marc!"

RD Alba | Director

RD Alba by Graphics Metropolis.jpg

RD Alba is a graduate from the Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, California. Before that, he completed his Bachelor of Arts, Major in Drama at Jacksonville State University, Alabama.

At age 23, RD was named the youngest director in the Philippines to have directed 175 episodes of a Telenovela Drama Series titled “Kapalaran” on ABS-CBN. RD went on to direct a popular comedy show on ABS-CBN called “Milyonaryong Mini” for 65 episodes.

At age 26, RD produced the award winning film “Panaghoy sa Suba” (Call of the River) at the Metro Manila Film Festival in 2004. The film was an official exhibit selection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005. In 2012, he directed a Star Cinema movie “BIKTIMA” starring Cesar Montano and Angel Aquino. He then continued to direct television on TFC called ‘RSVP’ with Giselle Tongi and Dr. Tess. On GMA Network, he directs the on going reality show "Dr. Tess Show" while he directs his brand new show On Your Marc! show with Marc Nicolas on TFC’s The Lifestyle Network. Staying busy, RD will be directing a new Star Cinema movie late this year.

Philip Anthony | Executive Producer

Philip Anthony by Graphics Metropolis.JPG

Originally from England and moving to the US at the age of 15 with his military family, Philip has a passion for traveling and working around the world and ultimately finding his passion for Acting and Producing for international shows and movies. Just finishing up Executive Producing the new hit GMA talk show “The Dr Tess Show”, Philip has also had experience with serial dramas such as the long running Filipino show “Kapalaran” in which he Starred and Produced. His new feature film “Biktima” was released in 2012, this movie followed in the footsteps of his previous award-winning movie “Panaghoy Sa Suba”.